Jura Journal 8

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dairy farm visit with Tas in Bouverans

The dairy farm was located on green pasteurs and no crowded farms. The cows were white with chocolate brown spots. The cows are not scattered. They eat green grass, hay and bucket of mineral, vitamin, copper and zinc mixture. Smells like outdoors, fresh dirt and hay. The cows looked relaxed and reposed. They are marked with numbers on the collar and tags on the ears. The odor in the air did not smell pungent or foul. All the cows were females except for one male cow. They walked slowly and gracefully, they are shy but don’t seem fearful. The cows are accustomed to being vacuum pumped. They are relaxed as they are pumped, as if it was a natural routine. Once finished, the next group of cows line up in an orderly fashion and are hooked up. One cow was too relaxed because all of a sudden, it sprayed by and 5 other girls with fecal matter all over our right side. It was green slimy and wet, with specks of hay. In a separate barn were baby cows, or veals. They were being weaned from the mother cows by being fed her milk through rubber nipples.  The baby cows are gentle. They licked our hands and allowed us to pet them like puppies. The cows are taken well care of. Their health is important and they are constantly checked for sicknesses and deformities.

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