Jura Journal Part 11

Monday, April 11, 2016

Maison du Comte

The Maison du Comte was established in 2003, it is the director and guide as well as the first step to understanding the world of Comte. It s a tiny exhibit that that lays out a brief history of Comte, first by showing an animated video of cheese production from begging to end, followed by a display room. The communication director gave us a general brief history of Comte for summary. We learned that there are 5 world representatives in England, USA, Germany, Belgium, Japan with 8 persons for each export. Comte communicates on social media, press events and through bloggers/journalists. They produce traditional products that is in a modern category, so therefore modern equipment is needed; but the role of man is important to communicate to the public about raw milk and diversity. They also communicate their product by hosting events with top chefs in Lyon, Strasbourg, Nantes and Marseille.


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