Jura Journal Part 4

Saturday, April 9, 2016

 Introduction to taste with Clair Perrot (evening session)

For the evening tasting with Claire, she gave us a sample of four different pieces of chips. She informed us that we are to taste the chips using the language and procedures of senses learned fro the morning session.

  1. The first chip was orange and bent with brown edges. It looked dry and dehydrated. The smell was oily, greasy, and cardboard like. The taste was sweet and salty.
  2. The second chip was orange, but different from the first. It looked uneven, bumpy with air bubble. It smelt musky, earthy and like paint. It had a salty earthy and fruity taste.
  3. The third chip looked dark, glistening, damp, rigid, and had tie-die features. The smell was like a woman’s perfume and musky. The texture was chewy and not hard, the sound was crunchy, it had a very similar taste to corn.
  4. The fourth and last chip looked translucent, bubbly and expanded. It smelt like a farm grown potato. It was salt at the beginning and end, keeping the taste of a salty potato.

Next, we had a chocolate tasting with Claire, directly after tasting the salty chips. These chocolate were purchased from local chocolate shop in the downtown square of Bouverans. The first chocolate was filled with praline and gnache. It had a tactile sensation of smooth, gritty, salty nutty and roasted. The second chocolate was chewy on the inside and outside, sweet and sour. There was a fruity aroma with an increase of intensity at the end with a citrusy and astringent taste. The third chocolate was smooth, chewy and had an aroma of cracked black pepper, spicy at the beginning, with a hint of cinnamon. The last chocolate had a bubblegum aroma. It was smooth sweet and cold. Hard on the outside. Silk on inside with a fruity and berry flavor.

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