Jura Journal Part 7

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Comte Cheese tasting 12 month cheese, Bouveran farm

  Later in the afternoon our class sampled Comte cheese from Tas’s farm in Bouveran. The cheese had a nutty and toasted odor. It had a thick, course, and yellowish color. It tasted rubbery and sweet and had and aroma of cashew. The second tasting of comte cheese had a strong floral taste in which the intensity increased. There are 3 cooperatives for comte and one of the major ones in Credit Agricole, which is an assurance bank. For comte, sustainable agriculture is important therefore keeping a track record of procedures are important for proof. In asking Tas about his life at comte he answered in third person;

“Tas consider himself very fortunate very lucky, and everything is within walking distance. There is a natural way of protection for our animals in terms of stress, pollen and work. Farmers do not get paid well, which leads to many problems such as suicide. When farmers aren’t paid anything, they are stressed and worry about taking care of themselves and their families. When they have nothing to live for anymore, suicide occurs. The French record of suicide among farmers is 1 per day. Some farmers work for nothing and compete in the world market, which is controlled by the government. Procession and protocol, as a child Tas would stand outside of fromagerie and wait for the left over cheese from the fromagerie.”

Comte promotes itself in many ways. It does not feel the need for traditional marketing. For example, Tas told us Comte holds a communications event called “radonne de future.” This event was performed through biking, walking and horseback riding by visiting 5 local cheese dairies and sampling their products, cheese and wine. 2200 people can register for the event due to the size of the town. People hear about the event by word of mouth or on social media. Comte has 2300 farms, 5000 farmers in each farm, 153 dairies (frutieres) 12 aging cellars. Important factors for cheese making is age, seasons, time for aged cheese, and the quality of milk. According to Tas “the idea of terroir is not only int the soil and plants, but microfloral that comes from the cows utters  to the milk and also the know how of the skilled labor, or the human agent.”

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