Religion in the work place

Organization: Naturellement Garden Cafe

Location: Auroville, South India


Date: 6 January 2016

A grey haired and slightly balding Indian man walked up to one of the workers wearing a Sari. He was not a stranger because I had seen him in the office chatting a away at the two women who worked there several times. He asks her about practicing Hindu to which she replied, “I am a catholic, I don’t know anything about Hindu, so don’t ask me.” I’m in complete shock because I had a general assumption that all Indians were Hindu or Muslim. The fact that someone from India could be a Catholic never crossed my mind. The man walks over to me because he knows that I am the “American” intern from the American University of Paris and proceeds to tell me you, you must be a “protestant.” He generalized me in the same way I generalize the woman. “NO,” I said. “I am a Christian.” “what kind of Christian?” he asked. Rather stumped by his question, I answered “Just a Christian. I go to a Christian church that has no denominations.” “Then it’s settled, you are protestant since you are not a catholic,” he responded.

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