Traditional Status

Organization: Naturellement Garden Cafe

Location: Auroville, South India

Time: 14h45

Date: 5 January 2016

Early in the morning the women changed from their beautiful Saris, hung them on the clothes lines adjacent to the left side of the café and covered them with a tarp to be hidden and protected from sight. The women tied their hair up in a tight bun and covered it with a  transparent bonnet. Other women left their hair in a single braid laced with colorful flowers. Afterwards they covered their face with masks as if they were preparing for surgery. The women are dressed in their light pink colored pants with light blue tops. The other women who wore their hair in braids are dressed in saris. I walked back to the kitchen and noticed there was a lot of movement, bot much talking. Chopping, dividing, separating, washing, cleaning, packing and unpacking. There is one who was a bit overweight, but had an authoritative presence in the kitchen. Her in another women walked around and observed the other women work. I think that the women who wear the Sari’s must be able to read, write and calculate. This makes more sense because earlier this week the owner, the owner told me that while she hired rural women, a lot of them did not come with the skills to take orders, do basic math or speak English.

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