Sustainable Development


Organization: Naturellement Garden Cafe

Location: Auroville, South India

Time: 13h45

Date: 8 January 2016

A PDF Document was request by 2 men who came in asking to purchase Peanut Butter from to sell to local expats. They did not have a British, Australian or South African accent which I was accustomed to hearing around Auroville. They sound like 2 surfer dudes from California. Long shaggy golden hair put up in a pony tail, and their face half shaven. Unfortunately, the only thing available is a website, but not everyone has time or the ability to access the internet.  Some people prefer hard copy with a description and  pictures. A print catalogue would be perfect for Naturellement as many people are interested in selling their products and hear about the enterprise by word of mouth. The two guys seemed rather disappointed because one of them said “We’ll try to look for the items on the internet to see if we can find them.” I checked Naturellement’s website as they were talking to the two ladies in the office and discovered there was not a way to get a description or order the products; only pictures were provided and not updated. An old website does not help sell to customers who are trying to buy. What’s the point of having a website with products if they cannot be purchased? There is a link that takes you to where you have to find the individual products from Naturellement in the food and grocery section. The downside is that the products are intertwined with other products from the local village making it difficult to distinguish by an outsider.

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