About Me

My name is Ashley. My goal in life is to always be true to myself, treat others with kindness and listen to my gut feeling! I love food, writing, french and most importantly intercultural relations and world history. I believe that as long as you are alive, you never stop learning and you never stop growing! Make everyday count and live life to the fullest! Also…I speak French!!!

Why I created this blog site?


It’s okay to be different, it’s okay to not fit in, it’s okay not to be accepted, it’s okay to not be understood, it’s okay to not get it, it’s okay to take your time when the world tells you to hurry up and figure “it” out, it’s okay to be picked last, it’s okay not be picked at all, it’s okay to be you, you are enough. -Myself.

Back to the basics.


You’ve got so much to offer the world! Knowledge, passion, ideas, creativity and a great point of view. You owe it to yourself to realize this  much is TRUE.

I created this blog as a space where I can explain complex language and topics that I’ve learned in technology, marketing and communications in simple plain English that will empower and encourage people to be less intimidated by the fast paced and rapidly changing advancements that these industries produce.  I know how hard it is to get the basic answers from others and try to act interested, so I’d rather just find the answer myself. I love learning, but let’s face it, everyone has a different learning style and it’s about time we get comfortable making this known.  From grade school through graduate school I’ve had to work 10 times as hard as my peers to keep up because I thrive in context and asking the question “why”? I found myself buried in behind a wall of books trying to find context from one book to explain context in another book only to pick up another book to explain the context of a concept that should have been simple. Please tell me I am not alone in this method of studying. Totally useless, unproductive and time consuming. I could have been doing other things besides painting myself as a glorified book nerd.

As I have become older, what I have learned about myself is that I thrive on context, connection, intellect, curiosity and validation. The ideas, stories, and thoughts that fascinates me often times leaves my family, friends and colleagues wondering why I think so much or why I provide so much details in painting a story for them. I feel powerful when I can make sense of everything that surrounds me and when I can’t, I feel lost. Often times I’ve had to figure things out on my own because I thrived on context! Needing context doesn’t have to be scary, intimidating or an inhibitor. If you relate to my experience, just know that, you’re normal, and your learning style creates a beautiful story in your life.